Is your business profitable but has cash flow problems?

Struggling to pay staff or HMRC?

Being chased by suppliers for payment?

Worried about trading whilst insolvent?

Finances and administration a mess?

Not up to date with company returns?


These are just a few of the common problems in business that we can resolve.


As a business rescue professional, we do not charge fees for my advice or services rendered. We will, however, seek equity so that when we are successful we share in the rewards from that success.


This is a lower risk option to a business than an engagement on a fee-paying basis. Why? Because this way you can be sure that we share the same motivation to get the best outcome.


Turnaround consultants who need to charge fees may be motivated by the number of chargeable days they can run up, not the impact that they can make on your behalf.

We are committed to finding creative solutions to solve your problems and improve your business, ensuring that the business fundamentals are fixed so cash and capital are not eroded away.

Neither you nor I would wish to commit to throwing money at problems that can be better solved properly in other ways!

If you can articulate your problems and are clear on your business goals then please feel free to contact us for a no-obligation chat.

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