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J. P. Simpson & Co.

Working with business owners to solve problems and achieve your own objectives. 

Helping you to achieve your goals


It's easy to get lost amongst the countless websites and adverts selling  business support services of some kind. We want to work with those owners that don't believe that they should be a slave to their business. You own your company, it should not own you.  Maybe it's time to start seeing yourself as an investor in your business instead?

Speak to us about your objectives as a business owner and an individual. We will see how we can help you to achieve this.


We want to understand where you want to be as a business owner and as a successful person. We want to help you to work out or solve those things that are getting in the way now.


We also want to help you put in place what you need to do now and those next steps that will get you towards your goal.

Yes, there are many companies that will tackle one of your problems, others may look at how their products may fit your future needs. We want you to take a look at the whole picture - now and into the future - and how your business & personal finances support that.


Sometimes the problems in a business hint at a wider issue. We want to help you know what that is.


Yes, we can work all of your company's issues, whether they are financial, staffing, contracts. Whether it's survival, growth or somewhere in between.

We want to do this as part of a wider offering to support you as the business owner. Those needs are different for each owner, so our services are tailored for each client.

What's your situation? 


Right now it's not unusual for us to be involved in helping owners with Personal Guarantees, helping with getting businesses ready for sale and achieving a good deal. And everything in between.


We can look at how to get your personal wealth in order, working on a strategy that you understand, are comfortable with and that will help you to secure the future you desire. 

Get in touch to find out how we will help you.